Defaulted Loan Contacts

The Default Resolution Unit is committed to helping you resolve your student loan's default. MGSLP focuses on providing excellent customer service, consistent information and various options for resolving defaults.
  • MGSLP Default Resolution Unit
    PO Box 203101
    Helena, MT 59620-3101

    800-322-3086 or contact us via the SFS Dropbox (Please include all pertinent information such as social security number, phone numbers and address in any correspondence.)

External Contacts

  • Performant Recoveries, Inc.
    PO Box 9057
    Pleasonton, CA 94566-9057
  • Educational Credit Management Corporation
    ATTN: Bankruptcy Unit
    101 East 5th ST Suite 2400
    St. Paul, MN 55101
  • U.S. Department of Education
    Credit Management and Debt Collection
    50 United Nations Plaza, Room 220
    San Francisco, CA 94102