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Repayment Options

Locate Your Loans with NSLDS 

Knowing where your loans are is critical to managing them. The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) will have information regarding any federal student loans you received. You will need your SSN and FAFSA pin number to access the information. Continue to NSLDS.

Repayment Schedule

There are a number of repayment schedule options available to you. With the help of your lender, you can set up the payment plan that best fits your situation.

Repayment Begins

When your payments start will depend on the type of loan you have and whether or not you have previously used the grace period that your loan may be entitled to. Making timely payments can be made easy with Direct Payment Authorization.  

What To Do If You Cannot Make Your Payment

If you are having difficulty making your loan payments, MGSLP may be able to help by assisting you in applying for DefermentDischarge & ForgivenessForbearanceQuality Educator Loan Assistance Program, and Student Loan Consolidation.  Learn more about your repayment options or call our Default Prevention Counselors at 1-877-293-8946 or email Default Prevention.

What To Do If Your Loan Is Already In Default

Your loan can go into default if you have not been able to make a payment in at least 270 days. Defaulting on a loan is a serious matter with long-lasting consequences. However, you have options! Please contact Default Resolution Unit at 1-800-322-3086 or email Default Resolution for possible solutions if have already defaulted and are trying to return your loan to good standing. Learn more.