Can't Make Your Payment?

You Have Options!

Life can be complicated and many people run into situations that make it difficult to make ends meet.  If you are having difficulty making your payments, there are Repayment Options to assist you with lowering or postponing monthly payments. Some circumstances even allow for potentially forgiving or discharging portions of your student loan debt. 


A deferment is a temporary postponement of payments on your student loan if you meet specific requirements. Deferment eligibility is often contingent on your specific situation, when you received your first outstanding loan, and what type of loan you have.


Like a deferment, a forbearance temporarily postpones your federal student loan payments. Instead of specific qualifications, forbearance is granted at the lender’s discretion. In general, forbearance is typically granted when you are willing to make payments, but currently unable to and you do not qualify for a deferment.

Discharge & Forgiveness

There are both State and Federal programs available to potentially discharge or forgive all or a portion of your federal student loan debt, if you meet specific qualifications.